While in college at Penn State, there are many forms of stressors and responsibilities. Whether it is studying for your biology final, or practicing for the upcoming game, duties mount while you’re in school. Your time is of the utmost value and cannot be wasted.

So, why would you waste your time doing laundry? A tedious chore like laundry can take up hours of your time. You have to lug your clothes to the washing machine a few floors away from you, wait an hour, load up the drier, wait another hour, then spend more valuable time folding your clothes. There has to be an easier way to have clean clothes.

That’s where Chute Laundry comes in. Chute Laundry is a laundry service that specializes in wash and fold laundry delivery. Essentially how works is you sign up for a plan, Chute comes to pick up your laundry, you do all the things that you have to do, then Chute drops off your laundry; cleaned and folded. It is so simple to sign up. Just go to the Chute website here https://yourlaundrychute.com/chute-schedule/, select your plan, and you’re done! Having been founded by Penn State students, Chute laundry is the premiere laundry service of State College. As far as State College laundry wash and fold companies are concerned, your best bet is to go with Chute.  

Chute Laundry has very affordable prices as well. You can sign up for a pay as you go plan or a semester subscription! That’s right, for one lump sum, you can have your laundry picked up and dropped off once a week for the whole semester. Penn State laundry has never been simpler.

A State College laundry service will greatly benefit your while you’re in school. You will have so much more time to focus on what is really important, not menial tasks like laundry. Chute Laundry is the answer for you to get the most out of your time while in State College.

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