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Sneaker Cleaning Options


Economic Clean

Thorough brushing of entire shoe, cleaning solution will then be applied via a special type of brush to avoid damages. Any excess cleaning solution will be rinsed off of shoe using brush and water.

Deep Detail

In addition to the economic clean, you receive an attention to deeper & tougher stains that cannot be removed without our proprietary blend.

Full Detail

This is the ultimate level of care we provide for footwear. Not only will we make your shoes look brand new once again, but we will also refresh and protect your footwear from future damages. We’re confident you will be happy with this service.

What would you recommend for my sneakers?

Ask one of our sneaker cleaning specialists!

Sneaker Cleaning

Economic Clean

$15 per pair
  • Thorough Cleaning
  • Upper & Midsole Treatment
  • Surface Stain Removal
  • Two Day Turnaround

Deep Detail

$20 per pair
  • All Economic Cleaning Services Plus...
  • Deeper & Tougher Stain Treatment
  • Back To New Condition*
  • Two Day Turnaround

Full Detail

$25 per pair
  • All Deep Detail Services Plus...
  • Deodorize Treatment
  • Waterproof & Protectant Treatment
  • Two Day Turnaround

Not only will we make your shoes look brand new once again, but we will also refresh and protect your footwear from future damages. We’re confident you will be happy with this service.