As a student at the University of Pennsylvania, your time is your most valuable asset. Whether you are studying for your midterms, interviewing during OCR, or practicing for the upcoming game, every hour of the day is precious. Spending time doing menial tasks is the last thing you’d want to be doing while being a student at Penn.

So, why would you do your own laundry? Laundry is a very time consuming task. You have to lug your clothes down several flights of stairs, load up a washing machine, wait an hour, load up a drier, wait another hour, carry your clothes back to your room and fold them. During this time, you could be doing something productive to advance your academic studies, your career progression, or athletic performance. Instead, you’re doing laundry.

That’s where Chute Laundry comes in. Chute Laundry is a startup laundry service company that serves the Philadelphia community, particularly college students at Penn. Having been founded by Penn State students, and run by Penn alum, Chute Laundry knows the needs of the college client. Chute will pick up your laundry, wash and fold it, then drop it off; all within 24 hours.

So, how does Chute Laundry work? It is very simple. Just go to our website and select a plan here https://yourlaundrychute.com/chute-schedule/ and go from there. Chute has pricing models that are affordable and designed to meet the needs of a college student. There is the pay as you go model, where you simple schedule a pick up and drop off in University City as you need it. However, the best idea would be to sign up for the semester subscription. With this plan, your laundry will be picked up and dropped off each week of the semester for one lump sum. This plan will make your time in West Philadelphia much easier.

Signing up for a laundry delivery service will make your life infinitely easier. By partnering with a wash and fold company, you will have the time you need to make the most out of your time at Penn. Sign up with Chute Laundry and let us take care of your laundry delivery needs!

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